Happy New Year!

By reeselite

January 1, 2006

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We spent last evening with friends and family setting off 2.4 million dollars worth of fireworks in our driveway.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t 2.4 MILLION, maybe THOUSAND.

We totally had a great time.  There were no cover charges, long lines for the bathroom or anyone throwing up.  Well.  Almost.  But that was because of the sushi.  🙂

Ryan and his friend Emma had a cozy time watching the fireworks show.  Ryan held on the flashlight the ENTIRE time and I am pretty sure that he thought it was some sort of sparkler. 

I had one glass of wine at the beginning of the night and got such a headache that I decided to skip the rest.  Then Russ and I popped open a $3.00 bottle of something sparkly at midnight and immediately realized why it was $3.00.


About to restore my house to it’s pre-niece and nephews New Years Eve of Destruction and then get some gym time. 

Will check back in with plans and resolutions for the new year!

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