Happy Birthday to Moi

By reeselite

September 13, 2006

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I came thisclose to spending my 30-something birthday in the Labor and Delivery department of our local hospital last night.

After four hours of monitoring contractions and getting all kinds of "up close and personal" with the cold speculum lady, I came home around midnight.

I had all but talked myself out of going but my pharmacist friend Gena (Hey Gena!) threatened to throw me in the car and take me herself if I did not go.  She would have done it too.  She’s small, but feisty.  🙂 

I did not want to take Ryan to the hospital so my plan was to get Russ to drop me off and take Ryan to get something to eat while I went in to get checked out.  I was fine going by myself, but Gena was having none of it…..and neither was Julie (the RN) or Stacy (the Sonagrapher).

So, basically almost my entire medical posse was with me.  We were only missing my Dental Hygienist, Stacey and my Chaplain, Anissa. 

I almost resisted the urge to tell the nurse that they were in fact my life partners and that this baby would be raised by all four of us, but none of them could decide who the "man" was going to be out of our group.

So, I am here.  I am fine.  I am hydrated.  They told me to take it easy for a few days (DONE!) and no sex (NO PROBLEM!).

Ryan is off to school and I am about to plant myself on the couch.  What?  Doctor’s orders!  Then I am off to meet the above mentioned posse for lunch….cause the doctor did not say anything about skipping lunch.  🙂

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