Still Tired

By reeselite

September 24, 2006

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Taking a moment from napping for a quick post.

Took Ryan to the County Fair last Wednesday and had a great time.  If you cancel out that moment where he almost stood up to get out of the mini roller coaster as it pulling away from the loading area…..then it was fabulous. 

I don’t ever want to come that close to a heart attack again.

I have great pics but I am too lazy to go downstairs and get my camera, so I will post them later.

Thursday was NBC TV NIGHT…..and I was sooooo happy that The Office was back on!

For your viewing pleasure……

Friday found us in the Groover basement playing Win, Lose or Draw on the TV.  Oh!  We scored pretty good at the consignment sale that morning as well with an infant car seat, two bases and a Diaper Genie for the downstairs play room.

Good times.

Saturday was a little murky and today has been a total snooze….but I am UP….Deodorized….and in super nesting mode.  Russ and Ryan are about to paint a toddler table for Ryan’s room and I am going to supervise.  Then it’s on to baby clothes and closet organizing.

Doc appointment in the morning…33+ weeks with between four and six weeks to go.


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