34 Weeks/Insomnia

By reeselite

September 30, 2006

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34 weeks as of today. 


Yesterday found me timing contractions most of the afternoon and into the evening.  They were regular and then they were not regular.  I drank water.  I rested on my side.  I went for a walk.  I whined.  Alot. 

Today found me resting more…not having as many contractions….but feeling achy and uncomfortable in my lower back.  Nurse says that if I have more than four contractions in one hour to go to Labor and Delivery and get checked.  Again.  Ummm…..No thanks. 

Obviously, if the situation were truly dire then I would go…but so far things have gotten a little better.  But to be on the safe side, we are going to put all of Baby D’s clothes where they are supposed to go and get things "really ready" this weekend.  Doc’s not opposed to me going three weeks early, which puts me at possibly bringing this tae-bo baby home in about three weeks.


Saw a commercial today and thought I would comment on the irony.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I have an extremely dysfunctional relationship with horror movies.  I LOVE to LOVE them.  I by LOVE THEM, I mean I love the IDEA of them.  Oh no, I don’t actually WATCH them because I am way to impressionable and paranoid.  But, I don’t have to WATCH the movies….because I have the commercials…..and that’s all I need. 

When I had Ryan three years ago and was in the midst of the midnight/two-am/four-am feedings, I would take Ryan to the big rocker recliner in the living room and more often then not would turn on the TV .  I know.  It’s not quite the bonding time you read about, but after a few weeks you tend to want to just watch a little bit of trashy TV every once in awhile.  Anyway, THIS MOVIE was about to be released and the commercial for it ran every 45 seconds after midnight and I would ALWAYS wind up in some funky feeding position with Ryan that would render me helpless to reach the remote and change the channel.  NOT GOOD.

Fast forward to the expected arrival of Ryan’s brother in just a few short weeks….and now I have THIS to look forward to.

Three years apart.  How ironic is that?

Just makes me all giddy with nausea.

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