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October 6, 2006

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It seems as though I have worn a cow trail in the carpet between my bed and the bathroom at night.

The attempts to actually get up resemble Ralphie’s brother Randy on the ground in his 30 layers of clothing in A Christmas Story.

I’m guessing that the baby has dropped in the last day or two because it now feels as if there is an actual bowling ball between my legs and the act of walking for more than 15 minutes at a time is almost comical.

I’m not complaining though.  πŸ™‚

I have put my gym membership on hold for the next three months and it made me sad to do it.  My favorite instructor is back from a month long vacation and I really thought that I could actually go back at least a couple of more times before baby arrived.  I can’t even walk up the stairs without my knee going out on me anymore, so I doubt weights are in my immediate future.

Everyone and everything is just about ready.  I’m organizing and cleaning everything that I can.  Baby clothes have been separated by size and color and are distributed to their rightful places.  Immediate baby needs have been purchased.  Weight is going up despite best efforts to eat healthy.  I feel like a tick that’s about to explode. 

I have a doc appointment on Monday afternoon and will hopefully have a induction date scheduled at that point.  Blood pressure has been steadily climbing and the headaches have been increasing, so there is no telling at this point what or when it’s gonna happen.

Looking forward to a cookout with friends tomorrow night.  They even lined up a babysitter for us and everything!  Plus, I negotiated my way into a glass of wine (or two!) with dinner, so now I must go find a HUGE glass.  πŸ™‚

Ryan’s napping and Russ should be home any second. 

Happy Friday people!

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