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By reeselite

October 16, 2006

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Russ’s grandmother turned 87 years old this weekend so we went down for the party on Saturday and was back home that night.  Total car time 8 hours.  The realization that a car trip at 36 weeks might not be such a good idea did not kick in until about hour 5.

Woke up Sunday just to time contractions ALL DAY LONG.  We were thisclose to heading to the hospital last night, but decided to go to bed and see if any of the contractions got so bad that I could not sleep.  They subsided enough for me to go to sleep and everything was fine until I woke up thinking that a baby cougar had eaten Ryan and made Russ get up and touch him to make sure he had not in fact been mauled by the Felis Concolor in question. 

Good times.

So now I am up.  Russ is here with Ryan this morning and my Doc appointment for tomorrow got moved up to today.  I doubt we will be bringing a baby home before the end of the week, but I mainly just want to make sure that all is well and that Baby D isn’t stressing out too much in his increasingly crowded accommodations.

Gotta go find my pogo stick and bounce for a bit.  🙂

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