One Week

By reeselite

November 3, 2006

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Grabbing a quick moment while Mr. Snort sleeps in the bassinet next to my desk.

All is going surprisingly well as we are now 10 days in to Baby Drew’s arrival into our lives.  The first few days were a blur of adrenalin, tears and hormones and now we have settled in to just sporadic tears. 

Tears of happiness, sadness, uncertainty, frustration, anxiety and some for absolutely no reason at all.

It would be an exaggeration to say that Drew is an easy baby.  He still sleeps all day and most of the night.  He does not cry at all unless you take too long to deliver the goods when it’s time to eat. 

Speaking of eat.  Thanks to family, friends and neighbors, we have not cooked a single meal in over 10 days.  We have decided that we want everyone to continue to bring casseroles and salads to our house from now on.  It has been so nice….we won’t know what to do when we actually have to feed ourselves.

Stepped on the scale today and I am only 9 pounds from my pre-preggo weight.  That’s 17 pounds GONE.  Very encouraging.  If it’s the nursing that’s causing the weight loss….then I plan to nurse this kid until he is in the first grade.

Just kidding.  Maybe.

That’s my little green Power Ranger on the end…mesmerized by Addie’s orange wig.  🙂

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