Anniversay and other stuff…

By reeselite

November 21, 2006

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This will be an abbreviated post since my computer hiccuped while saving my last post attempt and lost it.

If I were not so sleep deprived I would have probably hit the roof when it happened but I just don’t have the energy.

Yesterday:  Celebrated 14 years of being married to Russ.  Shared Sapporo and ate California Rolls followed by a ride around the ‘hood looking a early Christmas lights.

Yes, we are rock stars.  Don’t be jealous.

Today:  Celebrating 4 weeks of Baby Drew in our lives.  He is growing on us each day and I can almost say with confidence that we just may decide to keep him.  Maybe.

My sarcasm, much like my half-inch laceration incurred during Drew’s delivery has almost made a complete recovery.

Weight wise…scale weight is 5 pounds from pre-preggo weight.  So after five more pounds I will be back to working on the remaining damn 30 odd pounds I needed to lose before I got knocked up to begin with.

That’s ok…cause I have a plan this time around.  Yeah Stacey…I am looking at YOU.

Our house is still recovering from the icky yuck stuff.  I’m sure we will be all better just in time for the next round of even ickier yuck stuff just in time for Christmas.

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