Back to the Gym

By reeselite

November 29, 2006

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Today was the day.

Russ kindly offered take Baby D along for the ride to deliver Ryan to preschool this morning so that I could take my first Group Power class since mid-pregnancy.

My favorite instructor was on the schedule to teach this morning but he had switched out with someone else.  I was totally bummed and almost did not go to class but ended up going anyway and actually had a pretty good time.

I most certainly will not be able to walk tomorrow (or tonight for that matter) but it will be worth it.

Gonna start plugging in my food to Fitday again.  That should be interesting.

We have had some really good days with the pre-schooler and the newborn.  The weather has been great with temp hitting 70 or so.  All of the kids have been outside playing until well after dark so that has made for some easy bedtimes.  I am going to hate it when the weather gets impossibly cold.

Tonight we will attempt to take a Christmas picture of Ryan and Drew that does not look like one or the other is having a seizure in it.

Wish us luck.

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