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December 4, 2006

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On Sunday we went to our local Christmas parade.  Drew looked so cute dressed in THIS while Ryan looked equally as cute dressed in his red fleece jacket and gray hat.

Ryan sat with the rest of our neighborhood kids and collected a ton of candy and watched the parade like a big boy while Russ held a sleeping Drew.

Soooo many cute photo ops…but not one was taken.  Why?  Because after the Christmas photo debacle my camera has retaliated against me and died.  So I will just have to make do with posting pics from last years parade.

Yeah, that’s Ryan in the red and this is the exact same spot that we watched the parade at this year as well.  So there isn’t too much different except that all the kids are a year older and Ryan’s hair is much shorter.  Thank God.

See? Wasn’t that fun?  Who needs a new camera when I can just use all my old photos?

Yup.  There is a new baby in our house at Christmas and I have no camera.

Of course this means that Ryan and Drew went all Norman Rockwell on me today and I don’t have a damn thing to show for it.  Nothing except for the hole that was left in my wall after I launched my broken camera at it.

Moving on.

Drew went to the gym with me for the first time today.  What a difference three years makes.  When I took Ryan to the gym for the first time I cried on the treadmill and then checked on him through the two way mirror every 3 minutes for an hour before I just gave up and took him home. 

Today I pretty much just shoved Drew’s stroller through an open nursery door while I ran to snag an open treadmill while yelling to Jennifer the nursery attendant….."Will you sign him in for me?–I’ll be back later boo bear!  Kiss kiss!"

I was so happy to be on that treadmill that I totally forgot to cry at the two way mirror this time.

I’m making progress people.

Food was clean again today with 35 minutes of cardio this morning and then some light lifting as I am easing back in.  Added another 30 minutes on the elliptical tonight for good measure.

Will take both boys tomorrow and then Wed will be Power class.

Gotta run…there is a "creature stirring" and I am pretty sure he wants to be fed.

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