Happy Monday

By reeselite

December 11, 2006

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I had a mild freak out yesterday at Circuit City because I just did not want to spend $300 on the Sony and his accessories when I really want to spend over $600 on the Canon and all of his accessories.

So instead I whined to my dad and he gave me my mom’s Sony Cybershot that they bought about a year before she died.


It’s only a 4.1 mega-pixel but that’s cool.  It will get me through Christmas and beyond until I can become deluded enough to buy the Canon.  Or at least until Ed McMahon delivers that FAT CHECK.  Until then, lot’s of sleeping Ryan and Drew pictures will be taken!

The weekend was fun.  It was our annual girls weekend in Atlanta.  Rooms were booked at the JW Marriot Hotel in Buckhead.  Dinner was eaten at Maggiano’s Little Italy.  Oh, and there was lots and lots of laughing.  I’m still waiting on Julie to send me the attempts at a Christmas tree picture so I will post one then. 

I decided not to spend the night this year since there was a wee one at home, but I had a really good time nonetheless.

I got on the scale like an idiot the next morning after all of the yummy pasta the night before….so back to the gym for me!

This week is super busy with Ryan’s preschool party and all of the food and gifts that I need to wrap up this week. 

I am soooo looking forward to Thursday nightthough!  If you have not watched this show yet you are missing out.  I love love love this show and everyone it.



Ok—gotta run and get Ryan from school….and then thanks to Sara, I will be able to hit the grocery store with a list!


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