Eat a Tree

By reeselite

December 12, 2006

Category: Daily Bite

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It’s “snack basket” week for Ryan at school. Which means it’s also “unnecessary anxiety” week for me as I try to decide what to send for snack. Since it’s the last week of school before Christmas, I decided to go with the Deb’ster over there as my sweet selection and then Chex Mix for the salty. It’s all about a sweet AND a salty in pre-school.

Lucky for me they had AN EXTRA box left over and sent it home with Ryan in his bag. I made a detour on the way home and took the boys to the gym and thought about those damn trees the entire time I lifted and I thought about those damn trees the entire time on the treadmill. I came home and stared at the box for about an hour. I even OPENED one for Ryan and tried not to breathe in the smell.

I wanted to eat a tree.

I did not eat a tree.

I have this to look forward to tomorrow.

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