Canon Rebel v/s Soccer Ball

By reeselite

December 27, 2006

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So my brother goes and buys his pregnant wife the Rebel for Christmas and I am all kinds of giddy and jealous because my life would be so much better if I owned a Rebel……


They bring it inside my house on Christmas day for me to drool on…so after I wash my hands and make sure I am sitting down to hold it…I take a few practice shots.  It was just like I dreamed it would be and more.

Jennifer decided to take some pics of the boys and she was crouching down in the foyer waiting on Ryan to come around the corner so she could get an action shot.

Ryan was looking for her to show her his new soccer ball that Santa brought him and I playfully said “Ryan….go get Jenny!”

Well…..he did.

He ran around the corner with the soccer ball in his hand and these are the last two images that were taken before IT happened…

The ball left his hands and went directly towards Jennifer’s face.

Don’t worry the ball did not hit her face.


There was a horrendous thud followed by silence.  I threw up in my mouth just a little bit. 

Eric asked quietly.  “Did that just hit the camera?”

After we revived him he inspected it.  The Rebel and it’s lens were fine. 

Ryan gets to keep his pinky finger.

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