Muscle Milk

By reeselite

January 14, 2007

Category: Daily Bite


So yesterday was a good gym day.  Russ got to go with me.  We actually left early and got there when the nursery opened at 8:45 so that we could get a good start on the day.  Working out with Russ is fun because we crack each other up.  I had to tell him at the start that Tony told me to "Hit it hard, heavy and fast"–so there wasn’t gonna be any of that hanging around and talking for hours and hours like I know he does with Mark.  (BTW….your trainer is hot!)  We were gonna hit this and get it DONE.

We kept doing this scene from The Officeand cracking up…

Dwight Schrute: Did you get your tickets?
Jim Halpert: To what?
Dwight Schrute: The gun show. [kisses bicep]

When we were finished I decided that while Russ and the boys were getting some post workout protein shakes I would hop in one of the tanning beds we have at the gym.  We got Free Visit coupons for Christmas and I am in the belief that brown fat ALWAYS looks better than white off I went with my ready-to-drink container of Muscle Milk.  Mocha Joe flavor.

In the midst of shucking my sweaty clothes and trying to gulp down my drink I thought it would be quicker if I squeezed the milk carton-like container to make it come out faster.  Boy howdy did it.  I closed my eyes to take a big gulp and instead got a Muscle Milk Mocha Joe shower.  It went all over my face, hair and shirt.

It was kinda cool and refreshing….but sticky.

I know it’s not as bad as having your Ipod snatched.

Today is Rest Day.  We did some shopping at Old Navy this morning and got lunch at (eek!) Burger King.  I got a tendergrill salad while Russ got the tendercrisp sandwich.  I think I actually posted a picture of the sandwich while I was pregnant because I ate one for lunch every single day one week.  I loved it that much.  Forget the fact that it has about a million calories.

Anyway…I was good.  Russ left us in the car to run into Best Buy to pick up a computer part and then it happened.

Ryan calls out from the back…."Mommy….will you hold my cheeseburger?"

Me–"Why, yes my child.  Mommy most certainly WILL hold your precious cheeseburger!!!!"



I wrapped it up and put it in the bag and counted the seconds until Russ came back.

No junk.  Two weeks so far and No junk.

I can do this.


3 Responses to “Muscle Milk”

  1. NO CHEESEBURGER FO YOU!! Good job! I love The Office! This is such a great show and I know the scene you are talking about! Dwight is hilarious!

  2. Holding that cheeseburger is huge!! I failed and ate some of the kid’s pizza and darn that Tony..he knows me well and I get an email…so what was the cheat???? Just wait, he knows you for awhile and he can read your mind. He has tweeked my eating…every 1.5 hours protein goes in. Keep me accountable this week!

  3. OMG! The iPod story was classic!
    Way to go on the cheeseburger…and the muscle milk. I love the Mocha Joe, but have never tried absorbing through my skin and hair. You might be on to something….

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