Mustang Man

By reeselite

January 28, 2007

Category: Daily Bite


When–Earlier today.

Where–Me and family stopped at a red light.  Man in black Mustang convertible pulls up beside us.  We all have our windows up.  I look over….

Me–(in my best Joey from Friends voice)  How YOU doin’?   

Russ–That’s not even the latest model of that car.

Me–I’m not lookin at his car.

Russ–(Leaning forward to get a better look at the man in the car) What are you….oh good grief!  Leave the man’s sandwich alone!

Yup.  Dude was totally devouring a crispy chicken sandwich from Burger King while he was sitting in his car beside us. 


I am so glad my husband loves me.

I missed Saturday’s workout due to schedule fiasco and in-law visit.  Tony switched me up to do it today and the word for the day was definitely Dumbbell.

Tomorrow is OFF but I am sure I will do so positive thinking cardio!


3 Responses to “Mustang Man”

  1. Ha Ha! There was a Chips Ahoy commercial on yesterday and it was 4 cookies riding in a car. They were singing “Don’t you want me baby?” My hubby looked and me and I looked at them and said YES!!! He cracked up!!

  2. LOL! I love that one! It’s funny how things you never would have noticed before are MAGNIFIED when it comes to food sometimes. Not all the time, thank goodness…just sometimes!

    When I start drooling over cat food like Beka I will know I am “in the zone”


  3. lmao, that was funny!

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