Happy Birthday, Russ

Too stuffed from dinner to think.  In honor of Russ’ b’day I will just re-post the Birthday Post from last year with pictures from today’s festivities.


Russ and Drew at La Parilla enjoying a basket of chips!

Today is his Birthday, and I won’t even begin to say how frighteningly close he is to 40.  Guess it’s a good thing he still acts like he’s 12.  We usually have a "No Big Celebration" rule when it comes to birthdays because after almost 14 years together, we are kinda over it.  Mostly we just want to have a nice dinner and a quiet evening at home with lots of alcohol and strippers.  Just kidding.  We don’t drink alcohol.  🙂

So, I made it to the gym and did 60 (60!) minutes of LISS this morning while Ryan sobbed through his second day at the new pre-school.  Seriously, they said he had a pretty good day, so we are pretty optimistic for next week.  Ryan is currently napping and I have been hustling about the house finishing up laundry and kitchen stuff so that we can just relax and enjoy the evening once Russ gets home from work.  On the menu tonight is shrimp, bourbon salmon fillet, caesar supreme salad, mixed veggies, birthday cupcakes and the new episode of CSI.  All of this shall be enjoyed in our pajamas.  I can’t wait. 

Don’t worry, no cupcakes for me.  Russ and Ryan will share them with the strippers.

The trio blowing out the odd candles because Publix didn’t bag that #3 candle I bought.  Luckily, I found Ryan’s #3 candle from his birthday last summer!


1. I can’t believe I used to think 60 minutes of LISS was Da Bomb.  I had no idea what I could really accomplish until now.

2.  This was written two weeks before I found out I was pregnant with Drew.  I used to think our lives were chaotic then.  I had no idea how much more chaotic and lovely they could be.  🙂

3.  Yes, he still acts like he’s 12.

4.  Tonight’s agenda is essentially the same.  We had an awesome Mexican dinner (tilapia tacos!  cheese dip! oh my!) followed by birthday cookie cake/cheese cake at home which Travis (Hey Travis!) and Julie so graciously took the remainder of into their home so that we could not continue to gorge until we passed out.  We honestly are not trying to put another dimple in your asses….we like them just the way they are.  🙂

Now it’s time for the pajama party and movie portion of the night.  With lots and lots of water.

Me and Ryan pre-cheese dip.  No flash.  That’s why the pics are kinda hazy.

And last, but not least….Drew enjoying his Podee.  It was hell trying to convince the waitress to put some frozen margarita in there…but he really loved it!


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