Southern Living

By reeselite

March 7, 2007

Category: Daily Bite


I am now officially a  Southern LivingWoman.  Well, I’m reading it anyway. 

My entire childhood, Southern Living was a constant presence in my house.  On my mom’s bedside table was the Bible and the most recent issue.  It was definitely NOT the magazine I should have chosen to cut up for my sixth-grade poster project on flowers. 

That was a dark day. 

Whenever any of us would ask her why in the world there were dozens of stacks stored away in her home office she would always say that she kept them because there were good ideas in them.

I had forgotten about them until the day of her funeral. 

In a normal life we would have been celebrating her 51st birthday that weekend, but things would never be normal again.  As the house was slowly emptying I found myself in her closet.  Dad had remodeled it for her the year before she got sick and there were tons of drawers and shelves that contained everything from letters to perfumes.  I remember holding on to her bathrobe and crying until I ended up on the floor.  Looking up, I saw them.  At least 50 or so issues stacked along the top shelf of her closet.  I laughed….and then I cried some more.

Dad still has them and has promised me he won’t throw them out. 

Of course the magazine continued to come in the months following her death.  It was always so surreal to go over there and see an issue sitting unopened on the kitchen table…just waiting for her to sit down with her cup of coffee and slowly make her way through each and every page.

I took every issue home with me that year until her subscription ran out.  I started my own stack and I refuse to throw them away.  They have her name on the delivery sticker and something about tossing them in the trash makes me dizzy.

I got a subscription offer not too long ago and I remember telling Russ that I should go ahead and get it.  I told him that as crazy as it sounded…whenever I opened an issue I somehow felt close to her. 

But, with Ryan and Drew slowly draining me of any short-term memory skills whatsoever I forgot about it.  But Russ didn’t.

He surprised me yesterday with my very first Southern Living subscription issue.  And last night I sat at my own kitchen table with a cup of coffee and slowly made my way through each and every page.   

And yes, I will be starting my own stacks and my children will roll their eyes at me too as they grow up.

They do have good ideas in them.

5 Responses to “Southern Living”

  1. This is a beautiful post – you should send it to the Southern Living people. It’s so great that you’ve found such a simple way to spend some time each month with your mom.

  2. Thank you Laurie. Russ said the same thing about sending it to SL….maybe I will. 🙂

    Hope you feel better!

  3. Couldn’t hurt, I say go for it!

  4. That darn Russ is always doing stuff to make us average guys look really bad….. That was a touching post. If anything were to happen to my dad, I bet I would feel the same way about Hustler magazine.

  5. I love YOU, Snowflake.


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