Hoppy Easter

By reeselite

April 5, 2007

Category: Daily Bite


We are headed to the farm and won’t be back until Sunday night.  Hope that everyone has a great weekend!

I leave you with a bunny-eared Drew and Ryan in a box.

What?  He wanted to be in the box.  Really.  I let him out…..I swear.  See?


4 Responses to “Hoppy Easter”

  1. omg…how CUTE!!! Your babies look like a couple of crack ups. lol

  2. Thanks for the laugh!! Bunny’s are cute. I’d probably keep my kids in a box too!

  3. I am looking for a box right now that both of my children will fit inside 🙂 Happy Easter!!! No chocolate bunnies for this Easter Chick!!!!

  4. thanks Beka! They are…we are all cracking up around here in one way or the other it seems. April–LOL! It’s when I sit on the box and don’t let him out that’s REALLY funny. Don’t worry, I put some air holes in the top so it’s totally safe. Beth–Hey! Long time no see! 🙂

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