Easter Weekend

By reeselite

April 10, 2007

Category: Daily Bite


Thanks for the comments and emails regarding Choco-kitty.  Eric and Jenny are doing a little better today.  In fact, we took Jenny to lunch after my crappy cardio session at the gym.  There were tears but laughter too.  She has three weeks left in her pregnancy and I will have a new niece.  I am beyond excited but it’s still weird to know that my baby brother is having a baby.  He has been in full-on nesting mode for weeks.  I"m talking hardwood floor installation, backyard fence relocating, you name it.  He’s a busy man. 

I fully expect him to have a nervous breakdown at any moment.


This mornings cardio sucked compliments of the new nursery director at my (MY!) gym.  Gone is my girl that had been there since Ryan was born and totally made it possible for me to let go of a teensy weensy bit of my neurotic momma tendencies.  And in her place is well, someone different with new rules.

I don’t like different.

So there.

I’ll deal with it.  For a little while anyway.

Pausing for a moment to do a belated happy dance for these reasons….

The Office was NEW and AWESOME last week!  (April, where are YOU?!)

Entourage AND The Sopranos are BACK!

House was awesome last week AND this week!

I am starting to think I need to find a treadmill powered television.  Thank God for TIVO.

Our trip to the farm was good.  Despite Lyn (sister-in-law) sitting on my chest and force feeding me malted easter eggs and Reese’s peanut butter eggs.

It was awful.  I am lucky to be alive and just grateful that I was able to get away after an hour or two.


We are the best easter egg hiders EVER.

We did the normal farm fun stuff.  We drove the golf carts all over the place, played cow-cake baseball, fished on the pond and watched a movie or two.  Bonus points were scored on Friday when Russ’ parents kept Ryan and Drew and sent Russ and I on an actual date.  NO KIDS.  We actually got to sit.  At a table.  Talking in complete sentences.  Chewing our food.  And chasing NO ONE. 

I got a little teary-eyed just remembering it.

Oh…and Russ caught a big fish.

The End.


5 Responses to “Easter Weekend”

  1. Sorry to hear about the kitty:( If anything happens to Boomer I will seriously be in jail on murder charges.

    The Office was great Thursday! Dwight and the mace LOL! I think i’m in love with Jim.

  2. Good Times!!!!!!!
    Force-fed you candy eggs??????? How wrong!!!!!!
    And you’re right, change sucks.

  3. If that happened at my gym, I’d cry!

    Sounds like a great weekend! Sorry those eggs found their way into your mouth

  4. House rocked, and I dont have HBO anymore so I will be forced to download the other pay shows. Thank goodness for xtorrent!
    Is it just me or am I hearing that you are eating candy and making excuses not to own the gym? Girl, don’t make me open a can of lecture…..If being pretty was easy, well, go watch people at Wal-Mart then I will see you at the gym.

  5. Hey all… 🙂

    I’m in love with Jim too! Always have been. I have recovered from the candy eggs and I have been good since getting back home. I love love love House. I didn’t get into it until last year and I can’t believe it took me that long….Hugh Laurie is AWESOME as Dr. House. Did you know that he had a British accent in real life?

    sigh. Loves him. 🙂

    Headin to Walmart to check out the people and see if some “pretty” is on sale….ha!

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