Pain in the Neck

By reeselite

April 17, 2007

Category: Daily Bite


Noooo….I am not hiding.  I am not parked at Taco Bell making my way down the menu.  I am still eating clean and carb cycling.  I did allow myself a few tastes of some dips at Eric and Jenny’s baby shower this past weekend.  And a glass of wine.  And maybe a beer.  Or two.

My dad had us all over for Sunday dinner and there might have been a glass of wine over there too.  Maybe.

I have been having some head and neck ache issues for a few weeks now and I have finally made an appointment to see a doctor.  My doc referred me to a neurologist and I go today.

Keeping fingers crossed that all is OK and it’s just a pulled muscle that refuses to heal.

I am still keeping up with all of you and reading about your progress and surgeries and thoughts on obtaining sugar daddies(lol!) and I am happy for everyone.  I just haven’t had it in me to stay upright for longer than I have to at night…and typing after the reading has been out of the question.

I’m falling apart.  šŸ™‚

I will post later.


4 Responses to “Pain in the Neck”

  1. OW! I hope everything turns out ok and you get better real soon!!!

  2. At least the falling apart it consistant. If it was not then you should worry….Funny you should mention Taco Bell. I ate about three pounds of garbage from there on Sunday to help me cope with taxes. I feel so cheap. Your friends posts are a riot. I started to send the $1149 to the sugardaddy thing until I realized that she was just kidding….so close….
    I hope the doctors visit went well. Just suck it up and get back in the gym!

  3. Thanks Stacey! I am feeling better…although it might be the drugs!

    Mark–I don’t worry about taxes. We just don’t file them. šŸ™‚ Oops, better not joke about that. I am headed back to the gym tomorrow. I miss Taco Bell. šŸ™‚

  4. oooh, I hope everything’s alright!

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