The Weekend

Posting so that Mark can move on with his life!

Friday–Russ took the day off.  I got to go shopping with my personal stylist, Lisa. (Hey Lisa!)  My friend Beth is getting married May 5th and we are attending what will be a pretty formal evening wedding at the Swan Coach House in Atlanta.  I don’t think that Nike makes an ensemble that would be appropriate for this event.  This will require a "special occasion" outfit.  And since I would rather get smacked in the face with a 2×4 than to have to shop for this special occasion outfit by myself, I bribe Lisa.  Usually all it takes is the promise to buy her something shiny and she agrees to go.  Plus, she knows that I will only wind up walking around the store in tears while arguing with the voices in my head about whether or not anyone would notice if I wore my workout clothes.

Lisa makes it easy for me and just tells me what to buy.  Saves me a trip to my therapist.

In our neighborhood we are blessed to be surrounded by not one, not two, but three Cajun men that love to cook.  Friday night found us at the Ferguson’s for shrimp and crawfish that was flown in especially for that night.  One minute the kids were naming their crawfish as they made them race.  The next they were shrieking when they met their boiling demise.  Shudder. 

I was good.  Stuck with the chicken platter from Chick-fil-A and a very small handful of wheat pita chips.  Marked this as my carb up day and sipped on a margarita.  Or two.

Here is a link to the pics that Mark took that night.  Thanks Mark!

Oh….and I stole this pic from him too.  🙂  Me and Baby D with Stacy (hostess) Julie and Anissa.

Oh…and I exercised that day. 🙂

Circuit/Energy Systems Day–4 circuits x 12 reps

Reverse Hyper on stability ball

Glute Bridges/Hip life

DB standing shoulder press

Reverse Crunch

15 min. cycle sprints: 10 sec. hard / 50 sec recover

Saturday–Recover from Friday.  Cleaned house and swore off margaritas forever.  Mingled outside with neighbors and then walked to the lake to feed the ducks.  No ducks.  Geese.  Aggressive geese.  Note to self….take weapon for self defense and more bread next time.  Picnic lunch with the boys and mellow evening at home.

Cardio Day

4 sets x 45 sec. Birddogs

30 min. running.  Substituted with 20 minute sprint intervals.  Too icky to run for 30 min. today.

Sunday–Had lunch at my brother’s house.  Smoked chicken, raw veggie platter, a piece of cheesecake.  Yup.  I caved.  Not sweatin it though.  It was good. 

Worked out with Russ today in the home gym.

Full body circuit x 2     8 to 12 reps each

Squat  One-arm dumbbell row  RDL/stiff legged deadlift  Incline dumbbell press  Sumo squat/wide stance squat  Seated shoulder press  Rear lunge and leg lift  French press  Seated dumbbell curl

Supposed to finish with 10 interval sprints but did 10 minutes of moderate.  My legs were killing me from sprints yesterday.

Down 4 lbs from last week.  Hoping to continue the trend this week.

Gotta go watch GND! 

7 Responses to “The Weekend”

  1. Dang you…you’ve totally got me hooked on GND now. :o)

  2. Beka–Ha! That’s just the painkillers talking! Although I will say, while I still la-la-love GND…it was MUCH better last season. But I will still keep tuning in because secretly I would love to wear some of their outfits. 🙂

    Travis–I could give you her number and try to hook you guys up. You would have to be careful though…her husband is a Marine and is CRAZY as hell. 🙂

  3. Who is that lady in the red ?????

    I MUST have her!!!!!

  4. The workout sounds great but I want the personal stylist! I can only imagine turnig off he voices in my head and just buying clothes. Lord knows I would dress better! Be careful hooking Julie up with that crazy Marine, I hear he wears his ball cap sideways and drinks obscene amounts of beer….
    Four pounds in a week is incredible. Keep up the good work!!

  5. Ok, Amyella’s abbs and Beka’s new additions. Your friends are beyond HOT! I just clicked on the link for Travis and found out that women are attracted to sweat and that I should not bathe after hitting the gym. When will girls give up the bad boy thingie and realize that they really want a stable nerd computer guy type? bruhaahaahaaa

  6. I “may” have a few drinks over the course of a weekend but I wouldn’t say it was an obscene amount. I never wear my hat sideways,… sometimes I bump into things and it gets turned that way and I just don’t feel like moving it back. Mark, let me know how that nerd computer guy thing works out for you.
    I think I going to stick with the crazy Marine approach.

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