Pink for Baby

By reeselite

April 25, 2007

Category: Abigail


Eric and Jenny at their baby shower two weeks ago.

Looks like I am going to be an aunt very soon.  Jenny is in the hospital today being monitored.  If things go the way I think they will then this baby girl will be here by the weekend.

Eric, if you are reading this, quit rolling your eyes. 

We spent the day with Jenny yesterday since Eric was flying.  And while we would have much rather been in Key West with him, we did have a pretty good day.

Ryan pooped on the potty for the FIRST TIME EVER yesterday.  Eric, if you are still reading this, it was YOUR potty that the miracle occurred on.  🙂

So, we had a Poopy Party last night, complete with Power Ranger toys and cupcakes.  Cause that’s what we do around here when we poop on the potty.

Both boys are napping right now and I am about to go join them.  This baby watch business has worn me out.  I’m just glad my camera should be delivered tomorrow. 


4 circuits x 12 reps (14 RM)

Reverse Hyper


Glute bridges/Hip lift

DB standing shoulder press

Reverse Crunch

15 min. cycle sprints: 10 sec. hard/50 sec. recover


3 Responses to “Pink for Baby”

  1. Fingers crossed for a smooth delivery. YAY for POTTY!!! Potty parties are the best. Love that yours had cupackes….we did M&Ms.

  2. Congrats on being an Auntie!!!

    And bigger congrats on the pooping on the potty – Megan did it once a little poop when I thought she just farted and we didn’t have a party – probably why she’s never done it again.

  3. Both our kids learned to poop on the potty while we were on vacation. Something about the beach makes you want to put he poopie in the pot….Also, I recall one specific video we checked out from the library that had such a fun song that you could not get it out of your head, and it made you want to put the poop in the pot too.
    Travis, I tell you there will be a paradygm shift and bad boys wont be able to buy a date…..Go Nerds!

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