Still Waiting

By reeselite

May 3, 2007

Category: Daily Bite


Still no baby.  Heading out to get a pedicure and sob quietly now that my Ryan has just left for Charlotte, NC with his grandparents to see his Aunt Lyn.  Hey, Aunt Lyn!

He has never been away from me for this long.  Ever.

Words cannot express the ick I feel right now.

And I am ready for everyone to either come back from vacation or get done moving!  Update your blogs people! 


On the upside, I got some super cute shoes for the wedding we are attending this weekend.  That helps.  A little.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Armed with his headphones, Clifford the Big Red Dog, the green Power Ranger and DVD player.  Six hours on the road! 


2 Responses to “Still Waiting”

  1. Seeing how Ryan leaving has you all bunched up we’ll be dropping our kids off at your house for the weekend. …call you from beach…

  2. No worries! I’m feeling MUCH better now!


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