A recap of the last few days.

Friday I found out that I don’t have cancer or some weird arthritic reaction to my birth control.  I saw my own Dr. McDreamy on Friday and the muscles in my neck are so tense that my cervical scan was straight instead of curved.  Three weeks of physical therapy and some muscle relaxers and all will be right with my world again.

Ryan had a blast on his trip and we had a very quiet two days at home.  We were SO glad when he came back and he has been napping and going to bed like a dream.  Lyn, if you read this…we’ll be sending him back real soon.  🙂

The girl that was doing my pedicure flipped off of her stool and fell in the middle of the floor while she was painting my toenails.

The wedding was awesome.  I think that I have finally stopped sweating Chardonnay as of today.  Pics are uploading now and I will post a link later.  They are hilarious.  Russ and Tom both hopped in the Rolls Royce before the bride and groom did.  There was lots of dancing and open bar action as well as the biggest shrimp I have ever seen in my life.  And the pasta.  Don’t get me started on the pasta. 

If you were in Atlanta Saturday night…we were the ones with eight people crammed in an H3 circling the Ritz with a very large flower arrangement sticking out of one window and a camera flash going off every two seconds.

Ok.  Back to the real world. 

Sunday night found us all in bed by 9:00 trying to recover from the weekend. 

Monday was back to some weight training.  A full body dumbbell circuit.  It’s the first time I have picked up anything heavier than my baby in almost three weeks.  It hurts just to type this entry.  Tomorrow will be round two.

Eric and Jenny came over for dinner last night so we got to spend lots of quality time with them and the new little one.  They flew to Oklahoma today to see her brother-in-law who may be deployed to Iraq soon.  The joys of being a young parent.  I was still hobbling and popping pain pills like tic-tacs four days after Drew was born.  What am I talking about?  I’m STILL hobbling around and popping pain pills like they are tic-tacs.

What?  I’m just kidding!

Gotta run.  Both boys are asleep and I must catch up on some TV housework.


3 Responses to “Snippets”

  1. Just a few comments on the wedding and the after party:

    – I lost my shoes !!!
    – Don’t ever take a cab with Lee
    – Bar Tabs at the Ritz are no joke
    -The back of an H3 is not safe

  2. Yeah–I won’t be taking a cab with Lee anytime soon.

    That ride in the H3 after the wedding was the loudest car ride I have ever been in EVER. All I remember is sitting there with that HUGE flower arrangement in my lap trying to convince Ron to drive to a strip club.

    Too much wine. Way to much wine.

    Let’s do it again this weekend!


  3. I need to hear more comments on the after party. I was having a party of my own! 🙂

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