One week….

By reeselite

May 11, 2007

Category: Daily Bite


One week of dumbbell circuits and healthy eating.  My arms and my back are k-i-l-l-i-n-g me right now but it’s all good.  I’m not even mad at Russ for buying the M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies "just because they had Shrek on the package."

Ok—maybe I’m mad just a little bit.

No time for a long entry now.  The baby is in the walker a few feet away from  me and I can tell by the way he is looking at me that he is about to explode.

Just wanted to whine about how incredibly sore I am.

What?  No sympathy?

I didn’t think so.



4 Responses to “One week….”

  1. If you are as sore as me you’ve got my sympathy:)

  2. Awww thanks April! I probably wouldn’t be as sore if I could have gone on the cruise with you! Maybe next year. 🙂

    Hope you kept caught up on The Office!

  3. I haven’t watched this weeks yet. It’s on tivo so i’ll get to it this weekend:)

  4. Poor Pam:( I love the way they make you like Karen to so you can’t hate her either! Loved Michael Sandals attire, what a goon!

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