Career Day with Ryan

By reeselite

May 14, 2007

Category: Ryan



It’s a toss up between the Chicken Farmer and the Teacher.  He just isn’t showing as much enthusiasm for the Doctor career as I had hoped for.  I would say that the Police Officer and Fireman are about equal as well….although for the life of me I can’t figure out what they were doing to him in this last picture.

Maybe we will get a better indication of what his life career should be when he is four.


We got an end of the year book for him at the park party today.  It also included a disc FULL of pictures from the entire school year.  I have been crying all afternoon.  Mostly because after Wednesday there will be NO MORE SCHOOL UNTIL THE FALL, but also because he has grown SO MUCH over the past year.  It’s all happening much too fast.

As if I weren’t already a basket case.



4 Responses to “Career Day with Ryan”

  1. I’ll cry right there will you! Thursday is Megan’s last day and what am I supposed to do all summer – God help me!

  2. I hear ya girlfriend. If you listen closely this week I think that there will be quite a bit of sobbing heard round the country this week!


  3. Katie–Thanks! I gotta tell you–the Buzz Cut post you did is EXACTLY how we cut Ryan’s hair at home! And with just about the same results!

    My clippers have been a lifesaver!!

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