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May 18, 2007

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I have kept a journal in some form or another since I was in middle school.  There was something therapeutic about recording the day to day minutiae of my drama filled adolescence.  Even if it was done in a fuzzy backed notebook with a tiny lock and key attached.

Now those fuzzy diaries have been replaced by on line blogs.  What’s even more exciting is that along with blogs are companies that will actually pay you to blog your opinions for them.  You can blog for money!

My recent discovery is Smorty, a service that connects advertisers and bloggers together.

The concept is pretty much the same as other paid to blog websites.  Advertisers can get opinions and reviews about their sites and bloggers can get paid to blog about them.

What’s cool about Smorty is that they use a smart score system which directly affects your income making potential.  They look at your Google Page Rank, your Alexa score and the turn around time for an accepted assignment. 

The sign up process is super easy.  After that, your income making potential is up to you.

I have just started with them and I am impressed so far.  Between me and my husband, our blogs cost a little bit more to maintain than the fuzzy backed diaries did, so anything to help pay our web hosting costs is good for me!  If you want to make a little bit of money with your website, check out Smorty and get paid to blog

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