By reeselite

May 30, 2007

Category: Daily Bite


Yesterday was my second time back to the gym in about three weeks.  I thought I would jump right on back in like I had not missed a beat.  20 minutes of walk/runs followed by 30 minutes moderate intensity steady state UP HILL.  That’s capital UP and capital HILL.

No.  Not that Capitol Hill

Woke up this morning feeling like I had been stabbed me repeatedly in the thighs all night.  Sweet.   In the midst of my agony, I discover that Ryan has wormed his way into my bed and is between me and Russ.  This would not have annoyed me so much if he had not been sobbing in his sleep

Yeah.  He was crying in his sleep.

Apparently, some mystery person (probably me) wronged him and he was devastated.  He could not be consoled and instead would cry until he drifted off to sleep and then would wake up and cry all over again.  This went on for HOURS.

Today marks my first physical therapy appointment for my aching neck.  No more pain meds left.  Gotta go and get this taken care of.  My plan is to meet Russ at the gym afterward so the hunt for a clean sports bra is on. 

No luck.  Bra’s 1 and 2 are in the washing machine.  # 3 causes me to pass out from lack of oxygen.  My only choice is to wear my lovely green number from yesterday’s cardio hell.  It smells a little icky, but I figure what the hell, it’s not like she is going to SEE my bra or anything, right?

Three minutes in to the appointment Amanda is jazzed that I wore a sports bra and tells me to toss my shirt on the chair while she closes the curtains.  Apparently, the sight of me shirtless might cause the other patients to run screaming into the parking lot.

I survived and met Russ at the gym.  Today was 40  minutes of slower HILLS to try and work some of the soreness out of my legs.  No such luck.  Two hot baths and one shower later and I am heading off to find a muscle relaxer.



4 Responses to “Pain”

  1. I’m sure Russ had a clean sports bra you could have worn…

  2. yeah–but he is so flat chested that they don’t fit right. plus, he is super stingy with his undergarments.

  3. Reese- your comments link in your latest posts is gone, but it sounds like you’re doing well and having fun.

  4. Thanks Laurie! I didn’t even notice it! My default got set to None somehow….I must have been sleep posting again. 🙂

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