Memorial Day Monday

By reeselite

June 1, 2007

Category: Daily Bite

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Just us.  We hung out at home and did the slip and slide in the yard and made strawberry shortcake for an afternoon treat.  We had just gotten back home from our road trip to the in-laws and were too tired to go out on the lake with everybody.  It was nice though.  Just being with our little family.  And yes, that’s me hiding behind Ryan with the "cakes" on the table.  He insisted that it was my birthday and everyone had to sing Happy Birthday to me before he would eat any of it. 

I only had a small taste.  🙂

Ok, I gotta be honest.  It’s funny.  Just by looking at these pictures you would never know that collectively, our family had already had about four tantrums and breakdowns sprinkled with two beat downs in a JC Penney parking lot earlier in the day.

These photos were taken AFTER the two hour family nap that afternoon.  🙂

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