Russ = Great Daddy

We swam in the pool all afternoon.  So long that it was the shriveled up three-year-old’s idea to go home.  He barely made it into his pajama’s before he passed out without any dinner.

Russ grilled steaks on his father’s day present while Drew and I shared a plate of shrimp and sushi.

Ok, maybe Drew only had the Gerber Fruit Puffs.  But he was eye balling my sushi.  🙂

Russ ate his steak and vanished in a puff of smoke, magically reappearing somewhere on Lake Redwine for some night drinking fishing with our neighbor Tom on his boat.

I spent the rest of the evening in reality TV bliss.  There was the bang up finale of Celebrity Fit Club and Bridezilla’s.  I did manage to eek out a smidge of productivity though.  I am in the process of fine tuning my import/export skills so that I can eventually combine this blog with all of my abandoned Livejournals.  That way I can have all of my journals together in one nice little dysfunctional bundle over on WordPress.

It will make the evidence gathering much easier for my kids in a few years when they try to have me committed.

I am a busy woman.

Rock on.

Happy Father’s Day, Russ.  We love you!


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