By reeselite

July 1, 2007

Category: Daily Bite

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Eric and Jenny came over yesterday with the Abi-baby.  She gave me love on her myspace so I clicked her link and literally said “oh la la… sista-in-law is a hottie!”

I Love Your Picture!

Plus, there are so many adorable Abi pictures on your slideshow.  I especially love “Abi’s First Flight.”  She’s gonna be a lucky girl on “Take Your Offspring to Work” day. 

Too cool. 

I hope this doesn’t get Eric in trouble like that Delta girl that posed all short-skirty on the plane and posted it to her blog and got fired.  I mean seriously, if this gets him an offer from Playboy then I would definitely turn it down. 

Thanks for love.  I am the schiz-nit family wide and famous among at least 10.

Heading out for errands if I can get Ryan and Russ to quit flexing all over the house.  Hoping the storms don’t chase us in for the afternoon like yesterday.


One Response to “Snippits”

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if I could look like a hottie everyday?!!
    Thanks for the love!

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