Redneck Yacht Club

We are fortunate to live in a ‘hood that has a lake, and lots of really cool friends with boats.  That means that during the summer we get to go out on the lake on the weekends and have a great time.  The drivers of these boats are much more coordinated that I am which enables them to maneuver all of these vessels, lining them up and tying them together so that we essentially have what is referred to in Craig Morten’s country song as a “Redneck Yacht Club.”  It makes it easier for you to walk from boat to boat sampling whatever appetizers everyone has assembled for the afternoon as well as steal a beer or two when necessary.  🙂


Today we went out and had a good time.  We only had three or four boats tied up but there have been times that I have seen ten or more.  I think we spent more time getting ready to go out than we actually did on the water thanks to the afternoon pop up storms.  No matter.  We had a good time anyway.  We hauled back to the marina after the first few lightning bolts were spotted and when the heavy downpour started we scrambled.  Russ ran with Ryan and Lee was gracious enough to take Drew and run with him.


Afterwards, we went to our neighbor’s house down the street (Hey Travis and Julie!) and continued the cookout there.  The storms still hung around which meant that the neighborhood 4th of July parade of boats would be a wash.


I made some lovely tuna wraps (ha!) while Russ and Ryan enjoyed the grilled food.  All of it was yummy.  Especially the huge cherries and watermelon that Anissa and Gena provided.




There’s a slideshow!  Please to enjoy.

                                             [rockyou id=75523194&w=400&h=300]

3 Responses to “Redneck Yacht Club”

  1. FYI.
    I think the plan is to go back out on the lake Wed.

  2. Dang! That looks like fun!!! Sucks about the rain though, but it looks like everyone managed to have nonetheless.

  3. Travis–sounds good to me. We are up for it.

    Katie–Hey! Yeah–we somehow manage to have fun no matter what the weather. The trick is to drink ALOT of beer. 🙂

    What? I’m just kidding!

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