A Place to Play and Mattress Heaven

By reeselite

July 12, 2007

Category: Daily Bite


Woke up yesterday with what felt like someone trying to push my right eyeball out of it’s socket. I was grouchy and appropriately melodramatic, but Russ decided that he would go to work anyway. But the clouds parted and a light shone down when Julie called and invited us to A Place to Play. It’s a local indoor playground with huge jumpy contraptions and slides. But more importantly, a place where I could medicate my head and watch Ryan play his heart out without having to wrestle him at home. I set Drew up on a blanket in front of me and he had a blast. He had more attention than he could have asked for.

Russ’ parents were in town and we lucked out and got a memory foam mattress topper for “Father’s Day.” Soooooooooo comfortable.

FYI. I will be attempting to change the theme on this site as well as bitch slapping my Flickr widgets into submission over the next day or so. If you happen to stop by and see nothing but a blank page, that’s just me screwing things up again. I went to add something the other day to try to make my photo album work and I ended up deleting everything but my topics.

On the health front, I shared my yogurt (and my spoon) with Drew for the past few days and woke up this morning with a very sore throat. If this is half of what he has been feeling all week the I totally forgive him for biting me in the shoulder.

Gotta go find something to fix my wall with. I was doing abs with the stability ball between my feet and I knocked over the floor fan which fell into the wall and took out a chunk of plaster. A big chunk.

You see that? Exercise = home repair.


3 Responses to “A Place to Play and Mattress Heaven”

  1. Hope everyone is feeling better these days. Call me if you need/want company this weekend.

  2. Just checking to see if I know what I am doing……I’m thinkin no……..

  3. You fixed it girl….you are all good.

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