I wonder why no one asks us to babysit?

By reeselite

July 15, 2007

Category: Drew, Ryan

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Warning: No children were injured during the taping of this episode. Well. Drew was hurt just a little bit. Let this serve as a warning so that senseless little red wagon accidents don’t have to happen.


This was on the 4th of July. We were just hanging out with the boys when Russ came up with the idea of letting Ryan pull Drew in his little red wagon. He put a little blanket inside the wagon to make it nice and soft for Drew and then proceeded to let Ryan pull him slowly throughout the house.


Well, slow turned into fast which was funny. For a minute. As soon as I started to realize that this wasn’t such a good idea, Ryan took the corner too fast going into the kitchen and the wagon bonked against the side of the oven. Drew sustained most of the bonking part. There were tears for a minute or two mostly due to the fact that I yelled out as I saw it happen and scared both of them. Everyone recovered after Dora popsicles were handed out.

And we wonder why people question our parenting skills.

One Response to “I wonder why no one asks us to babysit?”

  1. Abby said no red wagon rides when she comes over!!! Too funny!

    When do we find out who won the photo contest???

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