Ryan’s First Day of Camp!!!

By reeselite

July 16, 2007

Category: Ryan


He left this morning in a flurry of questions and excitement. He is convinced beyond all reason that he will indeed be sitting in a rocket ship and heading for the moon before lunchtime. I tried to explain that this is church space camp and that I am pretty sure that it would have cost a little more than $75.00 if the gig had included liftoff and re-entry back into the earth’s atmosphere. But he was having none of it.

This camp came at the most needed time of the summer for me. I was busy last night trying to convince the policy makers at Ebay that it wouldn’t hurt to entertain the idea of letting parent’s put their kids up for sale every once in awhile. But, to no avail. Last night was just a bad night in our household. We switched the boys rooms last week and spent most of yesterday cleaning out the corresponding closets and getting ready for an upcoming yard sale. We topped that off with spending a small fortune on new bedding for Ryan and other odds and ends for his “new room” with a $20.00 Transformer thing thrown in for good measure because HE HAD TO HAVE IT.

And since they probably won’t serve lunch on the rocket ship, he got to finally get the Spider Man lunch box he has been asking for since June.

You would think that we would have had a great night after all of that, but no. There wear tears, yelling. tantrums and things being thrown. And that was just on my end. So I think it’s safe to say that at this point in the summer we both just need a small break from each other.

Russ called after he dropped him off and said that Ryan was beyond happy to be there. He is in a group called The Moons and didn’t even pay any attention to Russ once he got there.

Drew is napping and I am going to run around the house in my underwear ala Risky Business for a little bit.

Hope everyone has a great Monday.


4 Responses to “Ryan’s First Day of Camp!!!”

  1. Megan started camp today but she just gets to be a Penguin, so not as cool as a space camp. Hope you had a great time rocking out in your undies.

  2. Love the video.
    Hope Ryan had a fun day at Camp.

  3. Thanks ya’ll. 🙂

    Yeah–I rocked out in the undies for about 3 seconds, cause that’s how long it took for Drew to decide to spark the fury and give me an ohsofun afternoon.

    We made it though.


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