Drew’s First Sand

By reeselite

August 6, 2007

Category: Daily Bite, Drew

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I’m alive. Still trying to adjust to a reality that does not include a walk on the beach after dinner every night or waking up to blueberry pancakes every morning.

Baby Drew finally made it to the ENT today and apparently it is not normal to have several ear infections during the summer months. His left ear bombed the hearing test so he is having tubes put in his ears on the 21st. I know it’s a routine in-and-out procedure, but something about the idea of anesthesia and my nine-month-old makes me slightly woozy.

Ryan doesn’t start preschool (FIVE DAYS A WEEK!) for another three weeks, so it looks like we’ll be living at the pool alone for awhile. We went today with some friends and there was NO ONE there. One person showed up before we left but that was it.


On the health front things are good. I somehow managed to lose two pounds while on vacation. Don’t worry, I went ahead and took care of that little deficit with “missing the beach anti-depressant brownies” just to make sure I didn’t get all cocky.

Introduced Drew to hummus over the weekend and I am happy to say that while his brother still doesn’t care for it, Drew ate it happily with his fingers.

Just like his momma.


One Response to “Drew’s First Sand”

  1. I want that reality, if you’re done with it. Sorry to hear about your babe having to have surgery, scarey stuff. No more brownies 🙂

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