Lost Friday

So I had an MRI of my neck on Friday. I am claustrophobic. I have a math phobia too, but I guess that really doesn’t have anything to do with it.

My doctor called in some Lorazepam for the occasion and off I went.

Took one before I left. Took one when I got there. Took one after I filled out paperwork. I still freaked out when they sucked me into that tube. After a couple of tries they finally wrapped a towel around my head, kinda like they do when they are trying to lead a horse through a burning city.

What? You haven’t seen Gone With The Wind?

Twenty minutes later the test was over (took another one) and I was as happy as a girl could be. For no apparent reason whatsoever. I hugged all of the women that worked there and promised we would keep in touch forever. I floated out to a waiting Russ and we went to Target. I think. I don’t remember being there, but we came home with some really cute Halloween stuff for Drew’s upcoming (FIRST!) birthday party. Russ said I kept wandering off and he had to make sure he stayed with me because I kept opening packages of things to see how they looked outside of the plastic wrap. Ryan needed a plain white undershirt to dye for school and I needed to make sure it was big enough, dang it.

Then we picked Ryan up from school. Don’t remember that either. Went to McDonald’s and met Dear Abi’s parents for lunch, where I told Eric the same story four times and played on the playground with Ryan. I’m told.

Went to bed when I got home and slept. For a very long time. And then reassured Russ that I did not need to go to rehab. 🙂

3 Responses to “Lost Friday”

  1. So when do you get results? I have a math phobia too, and I’m not very good at it either.

  2. I get the results today hopefully. Then, I will be able to breathe.

  3. Remember that one time at band camp………..

    You are hilarious!!

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