Well Hello….

By reeselite

October 16, 2007

Category: Daily Bite


I was just minding my own business last night…..knee deep in website destruction, when I got an email from Mark. He wanted to know what had happened to this site. This site?

It was gone. Finished.ย  In Error Land.

I panicked and retraced my steps. Woke up in a fog after staying up until 2am cursing the people at WordPress. Check. Spent the day corresponding with people smarter than me regarding server permissions. Check. Camped out in Filezilla, randomly changing permissions on all of my files, opening up access to the entire world to “write’. Check. Check.

After hyperventilating and firing an angry email off to my host. “How could you let me be so stupid?” Russ found the offending file attribute and I fixed it. I think. You may be reading this. You may not. All I know is that I am exhausted.

I go to the pain clinic today at 2:00 for (possible) injections in my neck. Nervous. In-laws are here to visit, so Russ will go with me. Keep your fingers crossed for good meds. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am feverishly working on a new site so that I can peddle my Spielberg-like DVD slideshow business. I am amazed at the speed in which I can create and destroy websites at my whim. Cause believe me, I have been.

And since it’s been awhile–

No, I am not parked at Taco Bell as I type this. I am doing really well with my nutrition. Not so much with exercise since I have been busy on the IT destruction side, but the scale is still moving down. Ten more digits since August for a grand (HUGE) total of 83 gone. Which puts me at 20 (25) away from my goal. My neighbor’s grandfather saw me Sunday and went on and on…asking me how much more I was going to lose. ????? Said I was “gonna weigh nothing”–I assured him that I am a loooong way from “nothing” but thank you nonetheless.

Then I paid him the $100.00 we had agreed on and went home and ordered a pizza.


4 Responses to “Well Hello….”

  1. 83 pounds!?!?!?!? I had no idea, that is so fantastic! I’m even more impressed with you now than I’ve ever been in the past, and you know I already think you’re the Queen! WTG!!! you ccan get those last 20 (25) pounds! Hell after 83 you got it made (as long as you stop going to Taco Hell) We need to talk!

  2. Awww shucks. You are sweet.

    Can you see the salsa stain on my shirt?


  3. and I must clarify….that’s 83 over the last like…four YEARS! It would probably go faster if I could quit having babies for a year or so….

    But still….I have been way too complacent about the last 30 or so. Gotta get down and do it now while I can retreat into my hibernation clothes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi

    congrats on the weight lose- fabulous!

    and I still hit taco bell once in awhile cause ya have to be normal and have some fun and heck it’s taste so damn good!

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