Bad Blogger

By reeselite

October 28, 2007

Category: Daily Bite

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Between creating websites and destroying them, learning the ins and outs of slideshow creation, throwing Drew’s birthday party, getting the first of three steroid injections in my neck the following day AND getting put on painkillers strong enough to drop a horse , I have been a busy and sometimes comatose woman.

I am going to sit down tonight and catch up on everyone.  Even you.  Yes, YOU.

Both boys have costumes and as I type this the two biggest ones just ran through my office with their black Spiderman masks on and shot me with webs.

No, not Ryan and Drew.  Ryan and Russ.


And they just woke up the baby.

I think my neck is hurting…..


One Response to “Bad Blogger”

  1. Hey, have you been taken hostage, do we need to call the po po? I enjoyed getting to see you and Russ on Halloween. You guys left to soon!
    Hurry up and figure out the web stuff so you can start blogging again!

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