Eric, my brother and DearAbi’s baby daddy sounded stressed earlier. (Hey Jennifer!) He was out in the crowds shopping for the upcoming holiday and had to fly this afternoon. Normally I would be in the midst of my second pre-holiday nervous breakdown, but today was actually a good day. He will probably punch me in the face, but let me go ahead and report on how great my day is…

Went shopping with the family and no one cried. Not even me.

Bought presents for two nephews, one niece, and two sons. Was OK on the price were going to pay and when we went to check out, found out they were HALF PRICE.

Home from shopping. Still no tears. BOTH BOYS ARE NAPPING. Both. At the same time. Total peace and tranquility exists in my home.

Speaking of home. It’s clean. Very clean. Putting it on the market to sell clean. NO. Not selling. But I could sure list it today if I wanted to.

My new business is taking really cute baby steps these days. I’m creating slideshows and working on photo restoration and I love it.

I have two new clients and I was approached yesterday by a pretty big organization to do a show for an upcoming celebration. Huge exposure. Big anxiety attack, but a happy anxiety attack.

I got to get my new Missing Manual Photoshop Elements book early. It was everything I thought it would be, and more.

Did I mention that BOTH BOYS ARE ASLEEP right now?

I still have a little bit of shopping left to do, but I am not going to let it overwhelm me this year. I am determined to slow down and enjoy every minute of it with my friends and family.

Now if you will excuse me, I have photos to scan.


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