By reeselite

January 8, 2008

Category: Daily Bite


Between all of my new episodes of The Girls Next Door AND now finding out that Rock of Love is coming back this Sunday…I am in trash-TV heaven.

Between all the shows I’m working on for RWK this month, I don’t know what I would do without Tivo.

Yes, your girl has her priorities in order.

We are finally starting to get back to our regular schedule since being off for Christmas. Ryan (finally) went back to school yesterday and I am continuing my world of Photoshop lessons.

My discs are still giving me issues, but I am hoping to explore some different treatment options. It’s ok to continue cardio, but I am unable to lift weights. For now, I am thinking of just starting back with body-weight stuff like lunges and squats. Maybe use the stability ball and maybe a band?

I saw some today at Target and thought it might be worth trying.

Until then, I will just keep benching my 30 pound toddler.


3 Responses to “Giddy”

  1. :o)

  2. I was soooo excited to see Rock of Love is back. Can you say guilty pleasure?

  3. I love the girl next door. I am a “reality” show lover

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