Drew in the window….

By reeselite

January 31, 2008

Category: Daily Bite


Look, snow!

Originally uploaded by reeselite

Between Drew’s cold and trying to keep up with Britney Spears heading back to the hospital, I have had absolutely no time to work, much less blog!

Not much to report. I’m working and studying Photoshop. Drew is wheezy kid again, so we are going to the doctor this afternoon.

Tried a new baked spaghetti recipe at Russ’ request the other night. I know. Spaghetti.

The dish was great, but it was alot of carbs. More than we have been used to eating at one sitting. Which explains why we ate it and immediately passed out at the table.

His birthday is this weekend and we are actually going out alone.



My hands are shaking just typing the words.



2 Responses to “Drew in the window….”

  1. Hi Reese! What’s your email? Me and Laurie are working on the new challenge and would love to have you join us. If you look at my post from Thursday, looks like we might do a points system or something.

  2. Hey! I’m coming over!

    Well, not literally….I will send ya my email… 🙂

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