By reeselite

February 11, 2008

Category: Daily Bite


Umbilical Brothers – Encore

These guys are from The Upside Down Show. If you have kids and you watch Noggin, then you know who they are. Their stuff as The Umbilical Brothers is PG-13, but their stuff on Noggin is just as entertaining to me as it is to Ryan and Drew. Too bad they aren’t making the show anymore. These guys are hilarious.


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  1. The Umbilical Brothers (Shane and David) are incredibly talented. My son also loves the UDS and I enjoy both that AND their “regular” shows like the snippet from Speedmouse you have here.

    Currently the Upside Down Show is starting to be offered on DVD but right now it’s only in Australia (you can find it on ebay if ya search) and it will play on your computer or multi-region DVD player. I’ve got Volume 1 and am looking forward to the rest.

  2. The Umbilical Brothers are awesome and have the unique ability to entertain parents and children at the same time. You might want to check out their website at

  3. I have seen some of Speedmouse on Youtube. I would love to get their other stuff on DVD too. They are hilarious.

    Yes….big fan of the website too!


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