It’s just like in my dreams….

Worked on a sports show this morning while the Drew napped. Decided to take a break and read through some blogs. I was inspired by B and others who are either on their way to a competition, a challenge, or to meet Tony. Yikes.

It was enough to make me put the frosted animal cookie down and re-evaluate things.

I was lucky enough to break through a recent plateau on the scale. Sure, I had the flu along with everyone else in my house, but it was totally worth it.

I’m kidding.

Or am I?

Anyway, spring is coming. My fit neighbors will start doing their two-a-day power walks and I will silently curse them from my window.

Again, with the jokes.

Despite the wonky discs in my neck, I know that I have been slacking. We are finally getting over the flu outbreak, so I will sit down and design a liveable plan to get me to goal.

I will for sure NOT be watching THIS VIDEO anymore.


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