Abigail at Ten Months

By reeselite

March 5, 2008

Category: Daily Bite


Abigail at 10 months

Originally uploaded by reeselite

Has it been 10 months already?

Sweet baby girl and her parents met us all for ice cream (just a taste!) after I picked Ryan up from pre-school Monday.

I burned off any calories I consumed from licking the sides of Ryan’s ice cream cone by chasing Drew all over the parking lot.

Happy Hump Day.


3 Responses to “Abigail at Ten Months”

  1. I stole your picture! Hope you don’t mind. We had so much fun the other day with you and the boys. We will have to do it again soon. Did you find out about Saturday? And the shirts? I really do want to get shirts so I can support my little man! Let me know.

  2. Of course I mind…you should be receiving a Cease and Desist letter any moment now. How dare you take a photo of her. Who do you think you are, her mother?

    Oh yeah…you are.

    Nevermind! 🙂

    No silly—I have some other ones that are even more cute with ice cream on her face. I will upload and send.

    Practice on Sat is at 10:30–but it’s supposed to be COLD—snow flurry cold—so they might cancel. I will let you know!


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