More Than a Feeling

By reeselite

March 11, 2008

Category: Daily Bite


Best. Air. Band. Ever.

Scrubs. It’s what’s on at our house. I had too many Thursday night television obligations over the last few years that I only caught this show once in awhile. I remembered watching it with my mom once and really laughing. On a nostalgic whim, I Tivo’d the eps that are in syndication and now it’s become an obsession. So much so, that Ryan even knows who the characters are and repeats lines from the show that he knows has made me laugh.

I better be careful about that. 🙂

This one has a permanent home on our hard drive.

I especially love when Ted (on the left) steps on the air effect pedal before he launches into his solo.



2 Responses to “More Than a Feeling”

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Scrubs. Cross your fingers that they finish out this season and there is talk of coming back for one more.

  2. Oh and my favorite Turk performance is this one:

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