Ryan’s First Game

By reeselite

March 23, 2008

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Ryan’s First Game

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That’s my little man. His first t-ball game was on Saturday. I couldn’t have been happier than if he had hit a home run on his first at bat.

But wait, HE DID.

Granted…it was off the T-stand and it may have rolled through the legs of eight kids trying desperately to stop it. Doesn’t matter.

To me, he smacked the cover off that ball and I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind that there just might be some scouts at our next game. We may even just let him skip kindergarten and go Pro.

Momma was proud.

I hope that everyone had just as wonderful of an Easter weekend with their friends and family as we did.

Two big shows for Remember When starting this week, and three composites to boot. Now if I can hurry up and find the deal of a lifetime on either a Nikon D40/60/80 (can’t make up my mind) or steal the Canon that my brother let me get my grubby hands on this afternoon, OR the Nikon that my friend Stacey brought over for me to play with….I will be ready to go!

I wonder if Mark and the guys will let me into their Camera Club?


2 Responses to “Ryan’s First Game”

  1. We start our first teeball season this weekend. Very exciting times.
    Good luck on the camera decision!!!

  2. Thanks so much—-I need it!

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