Heading to First

Heading to First

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Little man is at his second ball game. I am at home with his napping brother. I am supposed to be working on a show about Honduras AND a million dollar (almost) slideshow home tour. Forget about the baseball composite that my newly appointed mentor in Texas is going to look at later. She is an awesome sports composite creator AND photographer. Very talented. I am hoping to learn through long-distance osmosis. I am trying to convince her to come to GA so we can work the tournaments this summer, but I think her teenage children and husband would be bummed. 🙂

Ok—I have done everything I can think of to do BUT work. So off I go.

The weather has been great = cardio outside in the neighborhood most days. Easing back in to some strength exercises. The discs are pressing on my cervical spine in such a way that I can’t even unscrew a two-liter Diet Pepsi bottle anymore. I have no strength in my arms at all. But I went for my monthly appointment yesterday and we are still just doing pain meds. I am not complaining, but I think I may need to step outside the box and see if a trainer that specializes in this kind of stuff can help me move beyond Pilates.

Ok–enough stalling. To work!

Oohh…..I think The Girls Next Door is on….. 🙂

Happy Saturday!



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