Be still my heart.

If you thought I had issues with Britney, you have no idea of the lengths I went to in order to see them up close and personal.

At the risk of being mocked in my ‘hood….I would never admit to say, sleeping in an airport by myself after flying to Boston to see them in concert. Criss-crossing flights on a pass through airport after airport. Alone. Nope. Or crying to a security guard and lying about stolen tickets in an effort to get better seats. I would never even dream of confessing to such things. Ever. So don’t even ask me about it.

Look….the website is back up and everything.

I wonder if I am still banned?

I’m kidding people. Or am I?


6 Responses to “NKOTB Baby”

  1. I *knew* you would be excited. Me too!!!
    I’m such a tween at heart!!!

  2. Now, if I could just find my official Hangin Tough t-shirt, I will be over to pick you up and we can make posters!


  3. LOL girl!!!!!

    I was justat the gym on Monday and they played ” step by step”

    I love it!

    we are both sick individuals

  4. Yes. A support group is needed. Now that Britney is “normal” I feel a little lost. Maybe she can tour with NKOTB?

    How awesome!

  5. I saw them on the Today show and thought, “who cares if they get back together?” I had no idea……

  6. Don’t tell anyone….or I will invite the Internet to your 4th of July party….


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