Best Friends


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I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by seven (SEVEN!) promising babysitters. Most of whom are more like big sisters to Ryan and Drew.

Bailey lives across the street and has saved my sanity on more than one occasion. Today was no exception.

It was very important for me to play with my new Rebel XTI.

Here are just three of the 300 or so shots I took today.

I’m still learning the camera, so yeah. But I think these are sweet.

Drew and I destroyed Barnes and Noble this afternoon looking for the Field Guide to the 400D/XTI book—and we were successful. I am making my way through the book….

I was headed for a Nikon, but the deal was too sweet to pass on. I wasn’t worried about it, since the other half of Geo Tex has the Nikon gear under control. (Hey Funk!)

Big Shout to DearAbi’s daddy for finding said camera. Now if I can just get him to go in with me on a white lens……


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